How I Fixed My Bleached Out Damaged Hair

I am in love with my new hair and have no regrets regarding taking the leap and doing something different.

How I rescued my damaged brittle hair...

 However, following 6 hours in the chair, including two rounds of bleach, my hair wasn’t showing me so much love.  The after affect was not only gorgeous color, but dry, brittle, damaged tresses.

I’ve already shared with you my number one pick for split end rescue, which has been a true life saver, but what about preventing damage and the over all texture of damaged hair?

I swapped out my uber expensive shampoo and conditioner for the line recommended by my stylist, Davines: Melu.  Not only did my wallet thank me, my hair is returning the favor as well.

How I rescued my brittle damaged hair

If your hair routine involves bleaching or highlighting your locks, then you’re probably familiar with the gummy-like texture of damaged hair.  I was not only disturbed by how my wet hair felt when I ran my fingers through it, I also noticed that just gentle brushing was causing further damage to my weak strands.  Davines’ Melu shampoo and conditioner produced immediate results and now that I’ve been using it for over a month now, my hair is actually beginning to feel like normal hair again.

If you’re considering diving in to the latest hair color trends, follow along through my hair journey and be sure you understand the process before you commit.  Drop your questions in the comment section below.


Kate Thakkar

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