Holiday Gift Guide for Him: 19 Gifts He’ll Love

Men are challenging to shop for, but I’ve simplified it for you. 19 gifts for him that he’ll surely love; perfect gifts for all the men in your life. My husband has several of these gifts and would definitely enjoy them all. Spoiler: 12, 15, 17 and 19 on this gift guide are items he uses regularly and can’t get enough of.

The Good Hurt Fuego: Sampler Pack of 7 Different Hot Sauces Inspired by Exotic Flavors and Peppers from Around the World Cut in Half: The Hidden World Inside Everyday Objects Etip Salty Dog Knit Tech Gloves JACK BLACK The Kissable Beard MINNETONKA Genuine Shearling Lined Leather Slipper Classic Argyle Butter Socks HODOR Door Stop NEST Learning Third Generation Thermostat Ring Video Doorbell 2 Whiskey Freeze Cooling Cups Survey Leather Blazer ALLSAINTS Chrome Monogrammed Safety Razor and Brush Mezlan Gables Genuine Crocodile Monk Strap Shoe Bose Black SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones Hook + ALBERT Leather Garment Weekender Bag Bottega Veneta Nappa Bifold Wallet Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Fragrance Carry-On Cocktail Kit Moscow Mule Patagonia Better Sweater Full Zip

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

  1. The Good Hurt Fuego: Sampler Pack of 7 Different Hot Sauces Inspired by Exotic Flavors and Peppers from Around the World.  We are hot sauce lovers in our house.  Even the baby is into Cholula.  Sometimes when he won’t touch his food, I add Cholula and suddenly he takes an interest.  We’ve done our share of traveling and trying different hot sauces around the world and this gift brings back great memories for us.  Whether he’s been around the world or not, if he loves hot sauce, he’s going to be impressed by this gift.
  2. Cut in Half: The Hidden World Inside Everyday Objects. I think all men have some level of curiosity when it comes to taking things apart, or maybe it’s just because my dad and brother are engineers, so I grew up with that.
  3. Etip Salty Dog Knit Tech Gloves.  Everyone needs a pair of nice gloves with touchscreen capability.  Elevate this gift by considering a leather pair or upgrading his ski gear with touchscreen ski gloves.
  4. JACK BLACK The Kissable Beard.  Beards are definitely having a moment, but does he know how to care for his beard?  Bring some self-care into his life with this gift set for him.
  5. MINNETONKA Genuine Shearling Lined Leather Slipper.  Slippers are a great way to share the holiday spirit and Minnetonka’s are a staple.  The Shearling lining is cozy and the soft rubber soles hold up better than other slippers.
  6. Classic Argyle Butter Socks. “Butter Socks” from the Nordstrom Shop are super cozy and warm.  I have a pair like these that are very old and worn out, but I still reach for them all the time.
  7. HODOR Door Stop. GOT fans need no explanation.  This clever gift is perfect for any Game of Thrones fan.  Trust me on this, if you haven’t seen the show, but he’s into it, he’ll be very impressed with this gift.
  8. NEST Learning Third Generation Thermostat.  He’ll enjoy saving money on the utility bills while also tinkering with his smart home gadget.
  9. Ring Video Doorbell 2.  See and speak to visitors at your door from your smart phone or tablet with the Ring Doorbell 2.  This may have made my list because I am not tall enough to see out the peephole in the front door.
  10. Whiskey Freeze Cooling Cups  My husband and I love a good Whiskey drink, especially Old Fashioneds.  I’ve tried whiskey stones, but they don’t keep drinks cold enough.  I’d love to give these a try!
  11. Survey Leather Blazer ALLSAINTS.  This blazer is the coolest of cool.  My husband would look great in this!  Also, I made him throw out a very boxy leather blazer that screamed 2001 and he’s still mad, so I owe him this.
  12. Chrome Monogrammed Safety Razor and Brush. This gift always makes my list.  If your man is still overpaying for razors, raise up and listen.  Safety blades give a close comfortable shave and you can get a set of 100 replacement blades for $10.  I’m switching my razor over to this rose gold version after I finish my current set of over-priced “girl” razors.  Besides the set I linked, you can also go with just the razor alone for $75.
  13. Mezlan Gables Genuine Crocodile Monk Strap Shoe. Crocodile shoes are the epitome of luxury.  I always make sure my husband has a nice pair of black and brown monk strap shoes because they are the perfect dressy shoe for men.
  14. Bose Black SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones. Bose wireless headphones are high quality and fit well.
  15. Hook + ALBERT Leather Garment Weekender Bag.  Another gift that always makes my men’s gift guide, although they do also have a women’s version now that I’m thrilled about.  This bag is so special because it not only looks sleek, it unfolds completely flat to be a garment bag and then zips up to form a duffel for the rest of your things.  My husband and I take this on weekend trips and we always pack his suit and my dresses in the garment section.
  16. Bottega Veneta Nappa Bifold Wallet.  Wallets are a nice way to take care of him.  If your man is anything like mine, he doesn’t buy himself nice things often and he uses his stuff, pretty much until I tell him he can’t anymore.  Wallets are an accessory that men use every day, so he should have one that’s not just, not falling apart, it’s actually good quality and feels good to carry.
  17. Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Fragrance.  Jazz Club immortalizes the masculine and exhilarating ambiance of a Brooklyn jazz club.  That’s what’s so special about the Maison Margiela Replica fragrance line, it is meant to stimulate memories.
  18. Carry-On Cocktail Kit Moscow Mule.  What a cute gift for him to take on the plane to visit family or for his next trip away from you.
  19. Patagonia Better Sweater Full Zip.  Hubs pretty much lives in this sweater.  It looks great on him and it’s comfy and warm this time of year.

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Kate Thakkar

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