Holiday Gift Guide for Him!

1.  Stadium cufflinks $150-200

Cufflinks made from recycled stadium pieces

My husband picked out cufflinks to for each of his groomsman in our wedding.  Every guy received cufflinks made from recycled stadium pieces.  Some of the cufflinks available are from stadiums that no longer exist, which makes for a nostalgic gift.  There are some available from the newer stadiums because the seats are occasionally changed out when worn and they are auctioned and used for projects like this.  The cufflinks were a huge hit amongst the groomsman and your man will surely please your man.  Cufflinks available at Cufflinks Depot and   Photo Credit: Cufflinks Depot

2. ballpark blueprints

Ballpark BlueprintBeing from St. Louis, my family is full of die-hard sports fans.  One year, we got my dad a Ballpark Blueprint of Busch Stadium and he loved it.  Let’s face it, architecture is cool.

3. on the rock glass with ice ball maker $20 (by wine enthusiast)

Rocks glass with oversized ice mold- gift idea

The unique shape of this Rocks Glass allows the ice ball to roll and cool the drink.  My husband always loves oversized ice cubes, so I had to get him an additional tray that makes 15 oversized cubes.  I’ve come to understand that ice is a big deal for men who drink liquor.  My husband expressed to me that he would like to know how to make clear ice like they serve in restaurants.  I found out that clear ice is made by freezing bottled water after boiling it to remove any particulates.  Now you can impress your man with your ice skills!  Does anyone else’s man insist on having a straw in the drink, but doesn’t use it, just bends it in half?  Why?

4. spinchill portable beer chiller, $24.99

We’ve already established the importance of ice to a cocktail drinker, but  just as important to the beer or wine drinker is the ability to chill to perfection.  Even better, Spinchill portable beer chiller chills your beverage in 1 minute!  Perfect for camping, beach trips, and backyard fun.   I’ve been using the pinterest trick to wrap a wet paper towel around a room temp bottle and put it in the freezer for 15-25 minutes, but 25 minutes is for amateurs!  Check out this video on how Spinchill works.  Be forewarned that that there is no excess fizz or foam created by the smooth spinning motion.

In partnership with Spinchill.

5. personalized engraved etched decanter, glasses and wood box set, $139.99

Custom Decanter, Glass and Box set

I recently purchased this decanter set for a good friend of ours.  He was very impressed with the craftsmanship.  Every man deserves something nice like this to set out in his area of the house.    The personalization is sure to make any man feel special.  The set I purchased came with 2 glasses, decanter and box for $67.50.  You can also purchase just the decanter, with or without box.  Check out the Teal’s Prairie & co shop on Etsy to see all of the options.

6. secret message personalized collar stays (set of 3), $27.70

Personalized Collar Stays

For the man who dresses the part!  Men who frequently wear dress shirts say that metal collar stays make all the difference in the neatness of the collar.  These Personalized Collar Stays are a lovely, secret reminder of the special someone who gifted them.  Photo Credit:

7. hook and albert Weekender bag, $395

The Hook and Albert Weekender bag has seriously changed the way we pack.  We travel a lot on the weekends, so I felt like we needed a really great weekend bag so I splurged on the leather one, $585.  I love that there is space for a suit and a dress in the garment section and I can still fit all the rest of our stuff in the duffle section.  Check out this awesome convertible bag for the traveling man.

Video from Hook and Albert website.

8. Scratch Map, $28.95

Scratch Off Map

I purchased this Scratch Off Map before our wedding to display the places we’ve travelled together.  It’s a really cute gift for the well travelled.  I still plan to have it framed in a shadow box with a cork back, so I can place pins with little notes reminding me of dates and fun places.  I can’t wait to scratch off more places!

9. Meat everything you needed to know, $26.48

Meat Everything you needed to know

For the master griller in the house.  Meat, Everything You Needed To Know was written by insiders of the meatpacking industry.  Delicious recipes you will be thankful for after you gift this book!

10. safety razor kit, $68

Safety Razor Kit

My husband got on the beard train before it was the cool thing to do.  Regardless, men with beards are sexy.  Keeping the lines right can be hard at first, so my husband started going to the barber to get shaved.  Eventually, he ended up switching from a regular razor to a straight razor with a safety guard.  The switch has helped him with keeping the lines of his beard clean and it’s a much closer shave.  He buys the blades on Amazon and they are so cheap; he just bought 100 blades for $20.  The Safety Razor Kit is an upgrade for the man still using razors and the power of suggestion to shave more or grow a beard never hurts!

I’d like to give a shout out to the man who, obviously, inspired this post.  My husband the man behind the camera who encourages and inspires me.

My Hubs

I hope these ideas inspire you!  Share your favorite picks with me too.



Kate Thakkar

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