Guide to Shopping for Shorts!

Between the weather heating up and Spring cleaning, it’s about time to start my quest for well-fitting shorts, which seems like an oxymoron.

I will be up front with you, if you want fitted (relatively tight) shorts, you’re probably going to need a tailor.  The construction of shorts is a little more complex than pants.  That’s why, if you’ve ever tried to cut off a pair of your old favorite jeans, they don’t fit the same as when they were pants.

I suffer from having a booty.  It’s a rough life.  Just kidding.  Although, this does make it harder to find shorts.  If they fit in the hips, they won’t fit in the waist and if they fit in the waist, they won’t fit in the hips.  I look for shorts that fit in the hips and then alter them to fit in the waist.  If you can fit more than your fist in the back of your waistline, the shorts are probably not going to work out for you.  Consider where the shorts will have to be altered.  Are there a bunch of seams that need to be changed to fix it or is it just as simple as a midline back seam and two side seams.  It may not be worth your money to fix them.  If you’re shopping in a department store, they will probably have a tailor on hand whom you can ask.  Before you have anything altered, check out if you need to wash and dry them first and if you do, you may want to get an estimate before you do so, in case you decide to just return them.

It’s usually  easier to shop for shorts that aren’t as fitted.  Here are some of my picks for shorts that fit most body types more easily.

How to find shorts that fit James Jeans High Rise Pleated Shorts, $163

These flowy shorts are nice, but always beware of pleats and what they do for your shape.  I typically need to wear shorts that don’t have as many pleats or at least not in the back because I’m not trying to look more shapely.  Take a look at the back side of the shorts.

How to find shorts that fit.

Lightweight shorts, not only lay flat and slim you down, they also keep you cool.

How to find shorts that fit Cupcakes and Cashmere ‘Rhonda’ Lace Trim Crepe Shorts, $85

The shorts below have gathering as a way of creating extra space and fitting different body types.  The shorts are fairly loose, but they drape flat and flatter the body.  These shorts would fit almost any body type.

How to find shorts that fit  Band of Gypsies Lace-Up Shorts, $42

My picks are mostly shorter shorts because if your on the petite side, like myself, you’ll have a harder time finding long shorts that flatter you.  When I don a pair of Bermudas, the proportions are not so flattering; they visually cut my legs in half and make me look shorter than I am.  At 5’1″ I can’t have that.  A good rule is to have them hemmed a little bit shorter above the knee if you are really set on wearing them.  If you’re taller, play with the length and see if it’s a good or bad change when you roll them up one or two times.  It all comes down to proportions and Bermuda shorts chop the legs into two sections, making the eye see them separately and smaller.

Do you see it on these culottes?

How to find shorts that fit

Linen shorts are always a great staple piece in the Summer.

How to find shorts that fit ASTR ‘Ashley’ D-Ring Shorts, $76

I would consider the shorts below loose enough to be able to tailor.  It really does depend close the shorts are to your size.

How to find shorts that fit  Top Shop High Rise Zip Shorts, $60.

Good luck on your next shopping trip!


Kate Thakkar

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