What’s the Secret to Growing Long Lashes?

I’m frequently asked if my lashes are real.  I did grow long lashes myself… with a little help.

Grow long lashes that look like falsies. Pin now, read later.
They aren’t perfect like falsies, but they sure are less work.

I’ve never had false lashes applied, but my friends have.  They tell me they can cost upwards of $200 per application and they last about 3 weeks if you don’t wear mascara or scrub them clean.  Where’s the fun in that?  And ouch, that’s a lot of money to spend on lashes for 3 weeks.

Grow long lashes that look like falsies. Pin now, read later.
These lovlies are mine to keep forever, no matter what I do to them.

What’s the Secret to Growing Long Lashes?

I received Latisse a few years ago as a birthday present and I absolutely fell in love with the results.  It costs about $150 on a 6 month supply.  I purchase it from the Med Spa inside the hospital where I work.  It’s fairly easy to get a hold of through medical spas and you no longer need a prescription.

I’m often asked how long it took to get results.  I noticed a difference after about 6 weeks.  My friends noticed a difference after 2 months.  I will say that after 4 months or so, they were pretty long, but also uneven in length.  I stuck it out and by 6 months of daily use, I had a full set of long beautiful lashes.

I hear from my friends who also use it, that they decreased the use to every other day after they grew in long.  I stick to a daily regimen because I know it works well and I also looked up how long it takes for lashes to return to normal length if use is completely discontinued.  The anecdotal reports on the internet were that it takes about 3 months after discontinuing for lashes to return to normal.  I extrapolated this information; if I lowered my dosage, perhaps I wouldn’t notice the change in results for another 3 months.

What do you need to know about using Latisse?

If you have any eye problems, especially if your eyes require special attention or medications (particularly pressure regulating drops), you should check with your physician before trying it.

It is not approved for use during pregnancy.

Latisse can cause increased brown pigmentation to the iris, which is likely permanent.  Latisse can also cause hyper-pigmentation of the eyelid where applied and this may not be permanent.  I did experience this, but I can assure you that a little eye shadow swiped over, completely hides it.

Latisse should not be used on the lower lashes.

Gorgeous real lashes that look like falsies on theluxicon.co
I’ve been collecting make-up tricks for lashes for years.

Mascara Tips for Beautiful Lashes:

Lashes can be tricky to work with.

My lashes are not curled in the photos I took today.  That’s another blessing compliments to Latisse. I no longer need to.  Before Latisse, I was constantly trying to find the best way to curl them.

I tried heating the curler with my hair dryer as instructed by a friend, this made my lashes bend sharply, dried them out and also burned my eyelid once.  Don’t try that one! 😉

I think the last tip I was given from my friend, Valeria, might just be the jack pot.

Before you use your lash curler, put a small amount of vaseline on the curler.  This helps the lashes to curl nicely and the added gloss to the lashes makes mascara go on smoothly.  While I did not curl them today, I did apply a tiny amount of vaseline to them before putting on mascara.

Grow long lashes that look like falsies. Pin now, read later.
Added drama.

 For full lashes, apply a few coats of mascara.  Don’t let your lashes dry completely between coats.  I go from one eye to the other, while they are still tacky to keep them from clumping.

A few clumps?  No problem!  Keep that mascara wand that comes in your brush set.  Use it dry to remove a clump and separate clumpy lashes.  Remember to keep it clean though; I clean all of my brushes at least once a week.

My two favorite mascaras are They’re Real! $24 and Covergirl Lash Blast $8.99.  I have used several designer mascaras and these two are still my go to’s.  I still like those two the best.

Good luck.

As always, if you have any questions, ask away!


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I notice that your eyes are blue (or at least light in color). I have green eyes & have been scared to try Latisse due to the warnings of it turning my eyes brown! That obviously didn’t happen to you so maybe I’ve been worried for nothing??


It is my understanding that on rare occasion, you can have brown flecks show up within the iris of the eye and it is usually not permanent. More commonly what happens is a darkening of the eyelid at the lash line where product is applied. I do have that, but it’s completely concealable with eyeshadow and it doesn’t bother me. I have a few blue eyed friends who use it as well and I haven’t heard anything from them about any color change issues.


Love latisse!! I recently stopped using it and my eyelashes are so sad now!


Oh no! Why did you stop using it? I’ll be sad to give up latisse when we try for kids.


My bottle ran out and I just haven’t picked up a new one! But there is definitely a noticeable difference that I’m not liking!


I see. I get mine from Mexico when I can. It’s $38 for a 3mL bottle. There recently was a rebate program for a free bottle. Another one of my friends found a supplier for cheap if she buys in bulk. She buys a bunch of bottles for super cheap and sells them to friends. If you hunt around, I’m sure you can find deals on it.

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