How to Groom Your Brows Between Appointments and Fill Them in Naturally

Yes, you can groom your brows between appointments! A few years ago, I’d have thought, sure I could, but I’d look like a goofball. Not anymore, I have it down to an art thanks to the products I use. It’s foolproof. Seriously, if you’ve mastered using markers and stencils, you got this!

How to Groom Your Brows:

The right products and handy tools like the stencils make a huge difference whether you’re a beginner or just looking for perfect brows.

Product Tips:

  • Having an actual brow brush, like this one, helps you place the product precisely, as well as fine tune your look after you’re finished.
  • I switched from using powder to pomade a while back. The only reason was that with powder, I have to set it with gel and pomade doesn’t require that step. I’m all about spending less time in front of the mirror.
  • And less money! If you’re going to use the powder, set it with clear mascara instead of paying premium prices for brow gel.
  • Don’t have much to work with? You’re not alone. There are serums that stimulate hair growth that work pretty well. You must be diligent about using them. Good results come from consistent use. I heard you’ll really start to see results after 6 months of using the product. If you’re using a hair growth product already, like Latisse for your lashes, I know several nurses who use it on their brows to stimulate growth and they swear by it.

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