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It’s not easy shopping for office gift exchanges, and white elephant games when the budget is under $25.  I feel badly handing over a gift I know will undoubtedly make it’s way through the realm of re-gifted joyless return.  I’ve scoured the internet for days searching for 10 interesting under $25’s.

Ten Best Gifts Under $25

  1.  Scratch off map, $16.93, for the frequent flyer.
Scratch Off Map: Best Gifts Under $25

2.  Elsa Glass Tea Light Candle Holders,$7.95-12.95, for the minimalist.

Hurricane Candle Holder

3. Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper, $24.89 for the Wino.

Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper: Best gifts under $25

4. Clowder Cat Scarf, $8 (psst, comes in beige, black and pink).

Kitten Scarf: Best Gifts Under $25

5. Rati Vase, $24.95, for the decorator.

Rati Vase: Best Gifts Under $25

6. Amco Rub Away Bar, $8,  for the cook.  Ok, this one may need some explaining.  I own one of these and it’s amazing!  I can cook with fish, garlic and onion, then wash with this steel bar and my hands no longer smell like the summer I spent as a short order cook, prepping food and slinging grease.

Rub away bar, for the cook! Best gifts under $25.

7.  For the skin care enthusiast, Sephora Collection Mask It! Sheet mask set, $25.

Sheet Mask Collection, Best Gifts Under $25

8.  Chealsea28 Sheer Dot Ankle Socks, $9, for the fearless friend who is not afraid of wearing socks with heels.

Sheer Dot Socks: Best gifts under $25

9.  I’m silently correcting your grammar T-Shirt, $17, because we all have that friend.  If you’re my friend, I’m correcting your grammar.  Sorry.

T-shirt for that one

10.  Mindfulness Mug, $14, for the yogi in your life and because everyone loves a strategically placed curse word.

Mindfulness Mug: Best Gifts Under $25


Kate Thakkar

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