Get More Out of your Foundation

I stumbled across this little hack by accident and I’ll never go without it again!

Yesterday, I sprayed my airbrush foundation on the brush and then realized that I hadn’t used my other products I usually prep my face with.  I set my brush aside and used my products.  After a minute or so of sitting, my foundation went on like butter.  Seriously, only one little spray covered my whole face and it blended much better than usual.

How to get your foundation to go on like butter

So what happened?

The aerosolized makeup warmed up as it sat in room temperature and the texture changed.  If you’re using an airbrush foundation, you probably noticed that it feels cool as you apply it because all aerosolized gases cool down quickly as they are released.  This is because the gas spreads its heat over a wider area as it is released.  Imagine that you have a balloon filled with gas that has a certain amount of heat energy inside it, as you release the gas, it spreads and also spreads its heat over a wider area.  This principle causes your makeup to be quite cold and changes the texture.  It doesn’t take much time to warm back up to room temp if you set it aside, but you’ll notice a big difference.

What if I use liquid foundation?

You can still benefit from this trick, it’s just a slightly different process.  Makeup artists put foundation on the back of their hand for a minute before applying it the client.  I did some reading and learned that this technique is used to give the foundation a chance to warm.This allows the heat to transfer from your hand to the foundation and it will spread much more evenly.  If you want to use an even warmer area, put your foundation on the inside of your wrist where you check your pulse (arterial blood-flow will warm the foundation even more than the back of your hand).  The difference in texture of the foundation is similar to trying to spread cold butter versus room temperature butter on toast.

How to get your foundation to blend evenly

Give it a try.  Besides that your makeup will apply flawlessly, you will notice that you don’t need to use as much.


Kate Thakkar

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Wow! Will definitely give this a try. Thanks dear. I just made a post about makeup hacks too if you want you can kindly check it out 🙂


I will definitely check it out. Thanks Bella!


I’m gonna try this hack the next time I apply a liquid foundation, it makes sense!


Good luck! Let me know how it works out for you!

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