Getting my weekly dose of Fashion art/ creative Inspiration through british designer Gareth pugh

Taking in an avant garde fashion show is blissfully intoxicating.

It's a chance to live in the art for the moment and soak up the creative genius that will transform the trends of tomorrow.  Although, we may think there would never be a time to wear these pieces, elements of the art will forecast trends to come.
Gareth Pugh
Gareth Pugh is known for his “Noir” aesthetic. Not only does he create work that brilliantly pushes the limits of fashion, he presented his Fall 2009 show as a film instead of a catwalk show.  Photo:The Courtesan Macabre

         Gareth explained that he finds sending a girl walking up and down the           catwalk “a little half-assed, for lack of a better word. It’s a well-trodden           formula and I think it’s time for a change.”  —The Courtesan Macabre

Gareth Pugh Fall 2009
Pushing away and letting go of the darkness.  Photo: The Courtesan Macabre
Gareth Pugh
Layered leather expresses tough armor, while the use of white color gives a sense of a benevolent protector. Photo: The Week
Gareth Pugh
The black leather shielding the face transforms the model from woman to warrior.  Photo: Katisque Tumbler
Gareth Pugh
Extended cowl neck signifies a chest plate of armor. Photo: Elle

While the above pieces may be frightfully fierce to many consumers, take a look at the following ready to wear pieces from Pugh that are swoon-worthy for the tame at heart.  See how the inspiration comes through in completely wearable pieces.

Gareth Pugh
Leather jacket with an exaggerated cowl that stops short of the chin still a strong look with a warrior influence, but it’s toned down just  a bit.  I would wish cold weather upon Arizona if I could wear that jacket!  Photo: Elle
Gareth Pugh
Leather stripes are a less literal interpretation of armor. Photo: El124
Gareth Pugh
Two very wearable designs by Pugh.  Above left is a kick-ass rendition of the LBD.  Above right shows the soft silhouette of the jacket paired with the leather leg warmers for excellent proportion. Photo: Nyachii’s Blog
Gareth Pugh
I leave you with the most wearable of all.  This LBD has a soft silhouette with just hints of leather for a bit of attitude and interest.  Photo: Victoriously Fashionable

Next time you see something crazy on the runway, take a moment to appreciate the art for what it expresses regardless of how practical it is. Fashion in the form of art is what brings us the trends we know and love.


Kate Thakkar

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