Get Full Healthy Styled Hair WITHOUT Teasing!

I’ve never been a big fan of teasing my hair.  Even with teasing, it still falls flat unless I use a ton of hairspray or tease it so much that you can see a mess of knots under a thin layer of hair.  I need not mention the pain of brushing out teased and hairsprayed fine hair.

Full Hair WITHOUT Teasing: Osis Dust It Review and Tutorial. pin now, watch later

One of the benefits of being a nurse and thus working with a bunch of other women is that when we find a solution to a beauty problem, it spreads through the hospital like wildfire.  I heard about Osis years ago from a fellow nurse; soon after every nurse in our unit had fabulous hair.

It took me less than 3 minutes to give my hair the lift it needed today.

Give it a try and have fun.  An entire nursing unit cannot be wrong!


The Luxicon


Kate Thakkar

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