Ultimate First Time Mom Baby Registry Essentials

The first time mom baby registry is confusing.  Registry checklists tell you that you need EVERYTHING for baby.  And there is no shortage of items to choose from for the first time mom baby registry.  You’re going to rock this mom gig and you’ll figure out the big-ticket items like the car seat and stroller (mine are Uppa Baby).

Below are the picks I consider outstanding for the first time mom baby registry.  I didn’t have a sweet clue which products to choose for my registry, so I’ve included lots of other basics at the end of this post.  If you have any questions about the products, feel free to drop me a note in my inbox or in the comments section!

First Time Mom Baby Registry Essentials. Pin now, read later.
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First Time Mom Baby Registry Essentials

My Brest Friend Pillow

Growing up, I babysat and nannied in college and everyone had the Boppy Pillow. I remember when it came out and they were all the rage. Of course I registered for one, but I also purchased the My Brest Friend Travel Pillow for the hospital. The travel pillow packs small and inflates for use. I planned to get a lot of use out of it with the traveling we do.  We took a breastfeeding prep course and the teacher recommended My Brest Friend over any other pillow.  I was excited to compare them and see what all the fuss was about.

I used my travel pillow in the hospital and it worked well. I liked that there was back support and the pillow moved with me and baby as we shifted around trying to figure out breast-feeding together. At home, I switched to the Boppy Pillow and realized quickly why the teacher hadn’t recommended it. The Boppy Pillow slid away from me every time I leaned back against my pillows and my wiggly, jiggly baby managed on more than one occasion to slip down the hole in the middle.  #momfail.  I’ll keep the Boppy for tummy time, but as far as breast-feeding goes, it’s My Brest Friend all the way.

Shop My Brest Friend Pillows:

The Ollie World: The Smarter Swaddle

Swaddling has been around forever.  I remember swaddling my niece when she was born 14 years ago.  I registered for a variety of swaddle blankies, thinking my son would look adorable in all of them.  My niece was easy-going baby and pretty much any cute swaddle blanket worked.

My son, not so much.  He is a NINJA.  I was gifted an Ollie World Swaddle in exchange for my review.  In addition to the breastfeeding course we took, we also took a sleep course and the Ollie Swaddle was the first one demonstrated and recommended by the instructor.  Hubs and I looked at each other and said, “Oh good, we have one of those too.”  Beyond that, I didn’t think much about it.  My plan was to get settled at home and check it out when I was ready to write about it.  I hadn’t anticipated how fussy my little one would be after his circumcision.  He did not sleep, in spite of applying everything we learned in class.  At 3AM, we were both short on sleep and desperate.  Our little ninja didn’t stay in any of the blankets we tried.  I wanted to photograph the beautiful packaging before we broke out the Ollie World Smarter Swaddle, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  We slipped baby into the easy to use swaddle and he calmed himself instantly.  He’s basically lived in it since.  All of the adorable swaddle blankets we registered for are now used as burp cloths.

Shop The Ollie World- The Smarter Swaddle (save 10%)

First Time Mom Registry Essentials: The Ollie World: The Smarter Swaddle. Pin now, read later.
Now that’s a happy baby!

Halo Bassinest

I waffled quite a bit on this one.  Our stroller came with a bassinet, so I debated just purchasing legs for that instead.  Knowing I required a C-section, I anticipated it being difficult to get in and out of bed.  The side wall on the Swivel Sleeper Bassinest lowers for easier transfer of baby from Bassinest to bed.  It also swivels 360 degrees, so it’s very easy to push out of the way, so I can get out of bed without climbing over a regular bassinet. I throw a large changing pad down and change him in it in the middle of the night, so I don’t have to leave the room, sore and exhausted.   I purchased the cheapest Bassinest because it wasn’t that much more than the bassinet legs that went with my stroller bassinet.  It’s all about justifying it right?  Mine doesn’t rock or make sounds, but it’s all we need and more at this stage.  I couldn’t be happier with this buy.

Shop Swivel Sleeper Halo Bassinest:


Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock:

I received a Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock in exchange for my review.  I took it for a spin today and my baby absolutely loved it.  Post c-section, it’s so much easier using the Binxy Baby than lugging the car seat into the grocery store or wearing baby the whole time.  I should note that the Binxy Baby will hold a car seat strapped in and secure, if you’re wanting to go that route.  I’ll try that one day when I don’t want to wake him by getting him out of the car seat.  Baby had a great time checking out the store and being rocked by the cart; he didn’t even mind pushing his feeding a little late.  The only downside, I was in a hurry to get home and feed him and so many moms stopped me to ask about this product.  Next time I’ll plan ahead for that!

Shop Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock (save 10%)

First Time Mom Baby Registry Essentials. Pin now, read later
Loves shopping with mom!


First Time Mom Baby Registry Essentials. Pin now, read later
He’s clearly a fan of the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock.

Lil’ Sidekick:

No parent has ever enjoyed the game of throwing things on the floor as much as small children.  Lil’ Sidekick allows your little one to explore gravity without you bending to the floor and feeling the need to clean everything thrown at the dog.

Shop Lil’ Sidekick:

Líllébaby Baby Carriers:

Shop Líllébaby Carriers:

I did a ton of research on baby carriers and I was thrilled that the crowd pleasing brand, Líllébaby, let me try out two different carriers.  I like the Lillebaby wraps ($10 off) because they feel great on.  They are so comfortable.  I also received the All Seasons carrier ($10 off) (black and white stripped carrier below).  The All Seasons is unique because it’s nicely padded and structured for easy wearing and it has flaps that fold down and allow baby to stay cool or zip up for those chilly nights.  With the stark contrast in winter weather from my home in Arizona to visiting family in the midwest, the All Seasons Carrier is a must-have.  Read my full review of the All Seasons LILLEbaby Carrier.

Shop Líllébaby Carriers (save $10):


Owlet’s slogan is “Love more.  Worry less.”  That’s exactly what we do.  Monitoring our little boy’s oxygenation and heart rate while he sleeps gives us the peace of mind we need.  My husband and I both work in critical care and one of the most difficult parts of our job is turning off the monitor.  As long as we can see the vitals, we know the patient is okay.  This paranoia definitely spills over to raising our child.  The technology is available to ensure your littles stay safe, so why not take advantage?

*Literally while I was writing this blurb, his oxygenation dropped for the first time ever and I raced back to the bedroom to check him out.   He turned out to be fine, but I’m really glad we had the sock on him.  It served as a reminder that things can happen outside of our control.  Life is precious.

Shop Owlet:


As you read above, I’m a little paranoid about SIDS.  It happens to good parents who do everything right.  DocATot is another product that makes me feel safe every time I put little booboo down for a nap.  I’m working from home these days and I have the luxury of putting him in the DocATot right next to me while I work.  The DocATot is easy to transfer around the house and serves as a consistent sleep lounger for him, while I can keep an eye on him.  I love that the bolsters keep him from rolling over.  He’s a strong little ninja and when he’s hungry, he manages to turn sideways in his Bassinest and pin himself against the wall, which is okay because it’s mesh.  I feel much safer putting him down in his swaddle in the Bassinest and DocATot over a traditional crib.

Shop DocATot Loungers (save $10):

First Time Mom Baby Registry Essentials: pin now, read later
He’s happy in his DocATot and I’m happy for safe sleep.

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rugs:

Pinterest has raised the bar for nurseries.  There is endless design inspo for gorgeous rooms your little one will barely appreciate before outgrowing it.  Let’s face it, the nursery is really for us nesting moms.  It makes us feel good.  Lorena Canals Rugs make the best sophisticated children’s rugs because they check the boxes for beautiful decor, quality and functionality.  I fully expect accidents, spit ups,  and spills to happen in our nursery, especially through the toddler years.  I have no worries at all now that I have a Lorena Canals rug.  Little man is free to be a kid and his messy moments.  These beautiful rugs go in the washer and dryer and come out looking new.  I am so thankful to have received this rug in exchange for my review.  I’ve test run it through the washer and dryer once and it still looks great.  Don’t be fooled by this adorable face, his diaper is loading and I’m worry-free!

First Time Mom Baby Registry Essentials: Machine Washable Rug

I also love that Lorena Canals Rugs support the Sakula project, which helps provide schooling to children in India.  If you’ve been following for a while, you may know that hubby is East Indian and we have traveled to India to visit family.  There are so many children in need, so this cause is near and dear.

Shop More Lorena Canals Rugs:

PullyPalz Pacifier Holder:

PullyPalz Pacifier Holder , as featured on Shark Tank.  MoMo the Monkey straps to the car seat handle or play mat bar and provides endless entertainment as your little one reaches for paci after paci.  Our little one is a bit young for this toy right now, but I know he will love it.

 The Original Cushy Close Door:

Babies have a unique ability to sleep through dogs barking, phones ringing and children running through the house, but the second you try to tiptoe out of the nursery to catch some sleep, they hear everything!  The Original Cushy Closer Door Cushion keeps the door latch from clicking and allows you to escape the room like the stealth cat you know you are.


 In case you were wondering about the other wonderful things on my registry…

Shop My First Time Mom Baby Registry:

Mom’s don’t forget to throw in a few things for yourself. Becoming a mom is a huge freaking deal and I loved it when a few people brought gifts for baby and for me. You’re going to go through a massive shift in hormones as your body gets used to not being pregnant and you deserve to feel pampered.  Whether you register for it or not, it’s a good time to pick up a bottle of wine, new pj’s all the nursing essentials (if you’re planning to breastfeed) and maybe even a few home face masks to give you that, I’ve been to the spa skin when, really, you’ve not slept in days.

First Time Mom Baby Registry Gifts For Mama:

What was your best new baby find?  Comment below!

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