Eyeliner Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Winged Eyeliner is so tricky when you don’t have the right tools.  I don’t do often because I like more of a smokey eye look and I don’t like to spend much time on my make-up.  I typically use the darker shades in my eye shadow pallet to create a smokey eye without winged eyeliner, so I will do that for you another time.  It’s a polished look without as much work (for me at least).

Smokey eye done completely with eye shadow (no eye liner)
Look created by eye shadow (without eyeliner).

I today’s video using some of the tricks I use for dark shadow as eyeliner, that transfer well to liquid and creme based eyeliner.  I had some mascara on my lashes, which makes it more difficult to apply liquid eye liner, so it didn’t come out as perfectly as I had hoped, but the concepts are all there.  I have become much better at doing my own eye make-up since I started applying some basic rules and practicing them daily.

Eyeliner tutorial- two different looks
Looks created in today’s video.

Let me know if this was helpful to you!


Kate Thakkar

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