Eye Shadow by Eyelid Shape

I first learned to do my own eye shadow by following this simple guide.  I amplify the look by using darker colors and more intense textures.

Basic Eye Shadow Guide.  More on this technique on Soulful Beauty.

One of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “How do I do eye shadow on MY eyes?”  I realized that not all eyes are relatively the same.  To best enhance the eye (the goal of eye shadow), one must take into consideration the shape of the eye.

The chart below briefly shows the differences in eye shadow technique by eye shape.

Eye Shadow by Eyelid Shape
Photo found on Pinterest.

If you are struggling to get your makeup to look exactly like the Pinterest demo you are following, odds are you are actually struggling to make it fit on your eye.  If you like a particular look, see if you can modify it by using the same colors as the demo, but applying the colors as the chart recommends for your eye type.

This may take some practice and some additional research on how to do eye make-up for your particular eye shape.  I found this very helpful video by NewBeauty Magazine on YouTube.

Note that they are doing daytime looks only.

The video below by Wayne Goss is one of my favs for eye shadow basics.  I like that the final look is closer to a look that I would go for if I was going to spend a decent amount of time on my eye makeup.   He makes note of differences between eye shape and how you would treat that area.

Goss simplifies the techniques nicely.  After watching this video, I’m ready to start practicing eye shadow for my eye type, slightly hooded almond shape while using the application instructions he showed us.


Kate Thakkar

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