Exercise in Creativity

Creativity is not just a gift, it’s a skill requiring practice and maintenance.  Exercising that part of the brain results forward thinking and refined skills.

This is why the fashion world needs designers pushing the envelope with Avant Garde looks that would never be worn for street style.  It’s not surprising that designers who create looks that push boundaries have other artistic skill sets such as drawing and painting.

Last year I took my first drawing class.  Having never taken an art class, I was surprised to find that with a little direction, I was able produce work that I wouldn’t call a masterpiece by any stretch, but I was proud of it.  One of my favorite mediums is charcoal.  Surprising again given that I’ve had an aversion to touching chalk for my entire lifetime.

It’s been far too long since I’ve picked up a pencil or piece of charcoal, so I would like to use my usual Wednesday motivation spot to appreciate some works of others that have most recently captivated me.

Click the photos to follow them back to where I found them.

What I feel is written all over my face.
What I feel is written all over my face.
Artist Loui Jover, Never Know
I love the concept of drawing over writing; it can send a heavy message.  Artist Loui Jover, Never Know… (sold), Australia.
Overlapping images can be very powerful.
Overlapping images can be very powerful.
The composition of this one speaks to me. I like the way the shading changes from the top to the bottom; it makes your eyes want to fill in the blank space.
Fashion Print on Etsy
This print I found on Etsy has a similar effect. It’s almost as though she’s emerging from the blank or cloaked in it.
Cloaked in darkness.
Cloaked in Darkness.
Reminds me of my lil guy @Roo_thewhippet
Reminds me of my little guy @Roo_thewhippet.
Reminds me of @Roo_thewhippet
And it’s not easy to do pet drawings without going creepy.

I’m ready to bust through the humpday slowdown and do something creative today!


Kate Thakkar

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