How to Do a Cat Eye Look Even If You Suck at Winged Eye Liner

The cat eye look can be a catastrophe if you haven’t mastered winged eyeliner.  We’ve all been there.  One wing looks perfect and the other wing looks like you tried to do it with your left hand and eyes closed.  Then you think, oh I can even them out, watch this…  Before you know it, you’re washing your entire face.  Don’t let this happen to you the next time you attempt a cat eye look.  Follow along this easy tutorial and you’ll have a flawless look every time.
How To Do A Cat Eye Look Even If You Suck At Winged Eye Liner

Shop Products Used for this Cat Eye Look:

The Coastal Scents Palette is my favorite eye shadow palette.  I love that it has neutral colors as well as the on-trend rose golds.  These colors look great on nearly every skin tone.  Make sure you’re shopping brow brushes instead of liner brushes.  I’ve tried to use my liner brush for this trick and because the brush is smaller, I run into the same issues as when I use gel liner.  The smaller the brush, the more precise your hand needs to be.  The larger brush is a foolproof stamp.

Good luck!

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