Drugstore Makeup Dupes that are Just as Good as the Expensive Stuff

Lately my skin has looked great, because of these changes, and I’ve felt less dependent on makeup, so I checked out some of the drugstore makeup dupes I’ve heard about.  To my surprise, they worked REALLY well.

In search of a lighter coverage foundation, I started at Sephora because it’s my go-to store for makeup.  I always do my homework before I go and I was really excited to try the Armani Maestro Foundation and Dior Nude Air Serum.  My skin color didn’t match well with the Armani shades and the Dior went on like a dream when I swatched it, so I splurged.  To my surprise, when I used it all over my face, I noticed a bit of an unpleasant odor.  I read about the odor in the reviews, but I’ve used Dior foundations for years.  I’ve never found it unpleasant, so I figured it was a fluke thing or girls just don’t like Dior foundations.   My usual products do well for me, so I wasn’t in it to switch to something that smelled funny.  Return please!

Disappointed that my purchase didn’t work out, I checked out the foundations at Walgreens.  I was after all making a move to be less dependent on products.  I keep hearing tons of great things about the L’Oreal Lumi Cushion foundation, so I snatched that one and I noticed that the No7 (a brand I like for body lotion and serum) Airbrush Away Foundation in similar packaging as the two I already tried.  Bonus, Walgreens even had testers out and guess what?  It felt exactly like the two expensive brands I tried before, minus the unpleasant smell.

Both the L’Oreal and the No7 foundations give my skin the extra boost it needs to even skin tone without appearing caked on.  Lately, I’ve returned
to my drugstore makeup roots.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well some of my new finds and old loves work.

Drugstore makeup dupes that work just as well as the expensive stuff. Pin now, save $ later.
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