Dressing for Winter in Warmer Climates

Without looking “Seasonally confused.”

Seriously ladies.  Do you understand girls wearing Uggs with mini skirts or flip flops with heavy coats?

It’s not just an Arizona problem.  I remember when Spring was just around the corner living in the midwest and we were all dying to wear our Summer clothes.  We would take any bit of freedom from the Winter layers.  -And I get that.  It’s totally understandable.

I like to layer in lighter fabrics for the in-between weather days.

Take this outfit… (ignore the bad hair day please)

Dressing for Winter in warmer climates

This lightweight fabric top is great for Winter.  I could throw on a leather jacket for warmth or I could wear it open with a colorful under shirt or a black or white undershirt for a layered look.  Layering, even with lightweight fabrics, creates a Winter vibe.

Distressed Jogger- The ultimate Cozy Chic Outfit

You all know I love joggers and sweatpants!  Open toed shoes give me a little bit of relief from the heat and combined with a soft tee shirt, I’ve got a winter-y look that’s cozy and comfortable in mild weather.

Winter Outfits in Warmer Climate

When the weather is truly more like summer, go for winter textures like a suede skirt to tap into seasonably appropriate looks.  Come on, we do miss out on the fashion even if the weather is beautiful.

I know, you’re knee deep in snow and could care less right?  Sorry.  I feel you.

Winter Outfits for Warmer Climates

With or without tights, the knee length lightweight dress can lend itself toward cozy when paired with booties or and a scarf.

Styling through Warmer Winter

Playing with texture has brought me new options during those blistering 85 degree Winter days.  I love wearing tights with tweed shorts.  The shorts look warm cozy and paired with the mesh and leather trimmed top, I stay cool while not looking seasonally confused.

Dressing for warmer winters

When you can’t get by with tights, asymmetric skirts paired with a collared, long sleeved shirt can give you the balance you need.

Kora Rae 'Lorena' Top Paired with Asilio 'On the Run' pant

There’s that mesh top again in Winter white.

Dressing for Warmer Winters

When in doubt, choose Winter colors.  Typically we reach for deeper saturated colors and black during Winter.  While the above outfit doesn’t scream winter, the color makes it work.

As we get through this last month of Winter and the weather warms up, keep these tips in mind and enjoy the warm weather!


Kate Thakkar

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