Does your closet need revamping?

Ever found yourself digging through a mound of clothes in your closet only to decide you have nothing to wear?  I’ve got a solution for you.

Rent the Runway has an unlimited program!  Previously, I enjoyed the benefits of Rent the Runway for charity events, special occasions and weddings.  Rentals are great for events  because I don’t drop my money on pieces I won’t wear again and that will inevitably end up in the mound of ‘nothing.’

RTR does not just do formal wear, enjoy browsing purses, jewelry, accessories, pants, skirts, rompers, blouses, outerwear, and more recently, active wear.  Through the Unlimited Program, $139/month, you’ll receive three items, which you can keep as long as you want.  Want to keep your purse for a while and get a new work outfit?  No problem.  Drop one of your pieces in the prepaid return packaging and after the return completes (mine are always completed within 2 days), you’ll get to pick another item.  It’s nice to always have something new coming.  I like to have one date night outfit, a purse and a work outfit.

Not being responsible for laundry is a beautiful thing.  RTR takes your clothes back worn and launders them for the next renter.  Definitely more convenient than dry cleaning things myself.

Some of my favorite pieces available for rent…

Rent the Runway Unlimited Program

Remember this beauty?  I fell in love when it arrived.  

RTR sells rentals at a discounted price.  This beauty arrived with the tags still attached, so I must have been the first to rent, and I picked it up for 30% off.

Rent the Runway Unlimited Program

I’ve always wanted a Proenza Schouler bag.  😉

Rent the Runway Unlimited Program

Versatile pieces like this leather mini will put use to your ‘nothing’ pile.

Rent the Runway Unlimited Program

Statement pieces give you that extra boost of confidence.

Rent the Runway Unlimited Program

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of fit, especially when it comes to blazers.  With all the customer reviews complete with photos and body metrics, you’ll be sure to get a well fitting garment.

Rent the Runway Unlimited Program

RTR has a variety of bling.

Rent the Runway Unlimited ProgramIf you’re an avid gym goer, you’ll probably enjoy clean workout clothes arriving at your door.  Adios laundry!

I can’t say enough great things about the Rent The Runway Unlimited program.  I’ve used it for about 8 months, so message me if you have any questions.


Kate Thakkar

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