DockATot Review: How Our Family Sleeps Sucessfully

I waited 7 weeks before writing my DockATot review because I wasn’t entirely sure if I needed a baby lounger.  I’ve seen docked tots snoozing all over Instagram and it seems every mommy blogger I follow has one.  Prior to having our baby I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about.  I considered the DockATot a “nice to have,” rather than a “must have” product.  Still, everyone raves about them, so when I was gifted the DockATot Deluxe to try out in exchange for my review, I gave it a fair shot for an honest and complete review.

What the Fuss?

The Swedish designed lounger is hand-made in Europe, wildly popular across the pond and has a fast growing tribe of tots in the US.  DocATot baby loungers create an environment similar to the womb.  The bumpers around the edge cradle baby just like mom.  Besides being a snuggly, cozy sleep station, DockATot loungers have lots of uses that make parenting easier.  Having taken advantage of most of them, I can understand why parents love them.

How We Use Our DockATot:

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Baby Linc naps all over the house in his DockATot.  He goes down for naps easily, to which I credit the comfortable mattress.  The mattress is breathable, softer than his crib and bassinet and it’s no wonder he prefers it.

DockATot Sleep Lounger Review. Pin now, read later.

He’s so happy in his lounger.  If he gets over-tired and fusses about going down for a nap, the lounger is the easiest solution.

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With feedings happening every 2-3 hours, I like to keep him near me while I work.

DockATot Sleep Lounger Review. Pin now, read later.

As a new mother, I also feel better having him nearby.  I can focus on work knowing he’s safe, sound and sleeping.

DockATot Sleep Lounger Review. Pin now, read later.

The lounger migrates all over the house.  I dock him in the spare bedroom while I clean the house, so he’s not disturbed by the vacuum.  It’s much easier to work around his nap schedule when I can move him to an area where he isn’t disturbed.  Hubby docks him with him in the living room, so I can nap, which is an enormous blessing.


Tummy time is so important for babies.  Linc enjoys tummy time propped up on the lounger’s bumper.  It’s the perfect size for a newborn.

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He’s a little young to enjoy the Cheeky Chums Toy Set I received (pictured below), but he enjoys it for short periods of time.  I foresee lots more supervised play time in his lounger as he becomes more interested in toys.

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Diaper Changes:

Diaper changes are a cinch in the lounger because bumpers open up at the foot of the lounger for easier access. I think the toy arch will come in handy for diaper changes in the future.  While the cover is washable and I have one in Pristine White and one in Mrs. Mighetto Night Night (shown below), I still throw down a changing pad.  For spit-ups alone, I wash the covers about once a week.  It’s super convenient that I can post up in my office and get everything from naps, to breastfeeding and changes done in one location.

DockATot Sleep Lounger Review. Pin now, read later.


I’m not sure if we will be taking any trips while Linc fits in the 0-8 month Deluxe DockATot.  After taking the lounger apart to wash it, I appreciate how portable it is.  Not only does can it travel in nice carry on case (sold separately), it also disassembles and packs nicely into a suitcase.  I plan to trade in the travel system I bought for the DockATot Grand (9-36 months) for future travels.

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Kate Thakkar

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