Ditch the Skinny! Flares are back!

I’m thrilled to share with you that we are no longer stuck in the skinny jean loop!

I still love the skinny jean look and it has it’s own benefits in its own right, however, it’s now in to branch out.  I’ve continued to wear and love the wide leg pan t on occasion, but lately, I’ve been seeing the flare and wide leg cuts on celebrity “it girls.”

This is great news for short girls- and all shapes really.

I love the look for short girls, because it’s so easy to sneak a comfy wedge or heel under the flare and it looks like I’ve got legs for days!  The key to not looking silly is making sure the hem isn’t dragging all over the floor.  The look goes messy really quickly if you aren’t careful.  Shop with your fav shoes or plan to get your pants hemmed to the right length if you’re looking to go with a wide-leg/ flare.

Wide Leg pant

These are my favorite printed pants.  I seriously feel like my legs are long and lean as soon as I don these.  You’d never know I stand 5’1″ tall.

The high waist is also generous to the short stature if you’re pairing it with a wedge.  I believe high waists are flattering on short girls, but be careful of the proportions.  Pairing the high waist with flats, can bring the waist down and make for a very short torso.

Likewise, showing love for my tall friends, low rise to mid rise pants can be super flattering to you if you are looking to show off curves.  If you have a long torso, high waisted pants will be like gold for you.

Flare Leg Pants Are on the Rise

If you’re tall and thin and afraid of looking lanky, go with a flare that starts above the knee or is looser.  The above outfit is a perfect example of that.

Flared Pants are Coming Back!

If you’re looking to lengthen and thin the legs, go with a neutral, or dark solid pant.  Lighter pants, prints and some washes will draw the eye toward the legs.  If you have a boxy shape or a larger upper body and you’re trying to draw attention to your legs, go for the prints and colors.

Flare Legs are Back!!!

Well-fitting Leather Flares… Be still my heart!

Flare Legs Are Back!!!

If you have an hourglass shape or pair, likely you want to minimize the hips, so you’ll want to avoid pleats and pocket details that draw attention and accentuate this area.

Flare Legs are Back!!
Maja WYH -Bloglovin’

Balance your look with flirty flowy tops.

Flare Legs are Back!!

OMG how long are her legs?!  Flares are best accessorized with fitted, shorter jackets.

Flares are Back!

If you love the oversized top or jacket look, pick something that accentuates the look.   In the above look, there is volume to balance the height of the model, but her waist is still visible through the open vest.  While there is volume, it still has a slimming affect.

Flares are Back!

Another example of well balanced volume.

Flare Legs are Back!!

Leather pants with a soft sweater… Perfect balance.

Flares are Back!!!

Studies have shown that men love flare leg pants because they accentuate a woman’s curves.  I think we can see why in the above look.  Ladies, do not be afraid of your curves!

Flares are Back!

I’m really drawn to this look.  The top, while long, has a slimming affect because it tapers in at the waist.  It works because you don’t see any bulging from the waistline of the pants.

Flares are Back!
Bloglovin’ Happily Grey

The look above shows the freedom you have with a well fitted flare.  Tapers perfectly from the knee and barely grazes the ground.  This look is suitable for tall and short alike.

I hope these looks have inspired you to venture from the skinny pant!



Kate Thakkar

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Great looks! I love Maja Wyh style! Karlie Kloss and Olivia Palermo also look stunning.


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