Contouring Revisited

Contouring is a huge trend in makeup

Are you doing it right?

I watch countless tutorials and read articles nightly, so I can bring you the most up to date instructions and trends.  I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lack of instruction on how much of each product to use when contouring.  I figured that if I had this question after every video, and I had to experiment and refine my process based on my findings, then they must be worth sharing!

I wrote a blog post introducing contouring techniques and methods for contouring  different face shapes.  If you missed it, you can check it out at this link.

This time, Let’s focus less on where to put contouring powder to achieve a look and more on how to appy it.

The best contouring application tutorial on Pinterest
The trick to a more natural daily contoured look is in the application.

Products Used in the Video:

Dior DiorSkin Airflash Spray Foundation $62

Dior DiorSkin Nude Air Tan Powder $55

Dior DiorSkin Nude Air Powder $55

The highlighter I used post-filming is: Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer, $28

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If you have any questions about today’s video, send them my way! I would be happy to find answers for you!

The best contouring application tutorial on Pinterest


Kate Thakkar

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