Celebrating Being A Grown Ass Adult Woman

It’s nearly through October, I’m coming up on my two year anniversary with my husband and shit is real!  So real, that I think I feel differently than I did last month.  Have you ever had a birthday where you actually felt older?  Me either.  So what the hell am I talking about?  And by the way, my birthday is in March… so definitely not birthdays.  I’m referring to the pivotal point when shit got real and I became a grown-ass woman.  I think I expected this would happen when I graduated college.  What happened when I graduated college? Bills.  Bills don’t make me feel grown up; bills suck.  So what was it?

Allow me to explain:

In the last month,

I bargain shopped.

Treated myself.

Spent hours preparing a gourmet Blue Apron meal, because cooking equals adulting.

Ate mac and cheese and french fries for dinner because I’m an adult damn it.

Chose to order a single nice glass of wine at dinner.

Drank entirely too much and mixed alcohols that I should know better not to mix.  Fireball, Tequila and wine are a horrific combo.

Stayed in most Friday nights.  Hanging out at home is more appealing than it’s ever been.

Went to Europe, again.  It was epic.

Devoted more time to my passion: bringing my fashion sensibilities you.

Challenged my fashion sense when my doctor informed me I must include compression stockings in my daily wardrobe.  I’m one used kleenex tucked in my sleeve away from being my third grade teacher.

Had serious talks with my doctors about having children.  That was the big one.

Had a few crazy nights out because we’re young, having fun and we can go to the aquarium when we’re pregnant or toting children around on date nights.

Neglected to do laundry until I only had one pair of underwear because some things never change.  I later found out that my husband, unfortunately, does not own as many pairs as I do.  And he’s wonderful because he said nothing, “I must have been busy if I didn’t do the laundry.”

Scheduled a dentist appointment within a week of the friendly voicemail reminder.  Does anyone like going to the dentist?

Forgot to brush my teeth.

Most of all, I have taken great delight in knowing that life is ever changing and I am evolving, so I am privileged to be in charge and take advantage of ever moment as life presents itself.

When did it get real for you?





Kate Thakkar

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