Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock: Best Mom Hack Ever

The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock, aka, the best mom hack ever, landed on my front porch for free in exchange for my review.  I could not be more thrilled for this opportunity.  After trying it out, I will be gifting these at every future baby shower.  To all my future preggo friends, you’re welcome.

My eldest niece was born 14 years ago and there weren’t a lot of mom hacks, or at least we didn’t have Pinterest to tell us about them.  Taking my niece to the grocery store meant schlepping her bulky, heavy car seat into the store.  There was no good way to tote a tot around a store in a car seat.  Either the car seat went on top of the cart (a safety hazard for car seats slipping, carts tipping and for tip toeing moms), or the car seat went in the cart and groceries went…??  Outings were no easy task, especially post c-section.

Fast forward to the birth of my son a month ago, I was not looking forward to grocery store trips.  Fortunately for me, there was a very clever mama on a mission to solve this shopping dilemma.  Lisa Pinnell created the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock after sharing the same shopping struggles.

Best Mom Hack Ever: shopping with baby made easy.
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Binxy Baby: AKA Best Mom Hack Ever

The shopping cart hammock holds babies up to 6-8 months of age (until they are able to sit up on their own).  At a whopping 7 pounds, in the photo below, my little guy loves it!  He is strapped in to the harness and enjoying the sites around the store from the best seat in the house.  Binxy Baby isn’t just convenient, it’s safe and it’s been tested for all current safety standards.

Binxy Baby fits standard grocery carts.

Two will fit side by side in most carts for multiples and there is still plenty of room for groceries underneath.  Shout out to moms with multiples, anything to make their lives easier!

Genius mom hack makes shopping easy!
To the candy aisle Ma!

My newborn is still able to sleep anywhere and light enough to lift in and out of the car seat easily.

In the future, when I don’t want to wake him or the weather is too cold to transfer him out of his cozy car seat, Binxy Baby has a strap to safely secure the car seat at the level of the cart.  This keeps the car seat low enough to see over (without tip toeing) and all the groceries still fit below.

Shop Binxy Baby:

I couldn’t be happier to recommend this product to my fellow mamas. Be sure to follow this link to save 10%.

Looking for more great baby products? Check out my new mom registry must haves. Spoiler alert, Binxy Baby made the cut!

What was the best product you got for baby?

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