Best Sunday Funday Tops

It just feels great to throw on a fun tank top and go to brunch.  Clothes should reflect the way you feel about yourself and allow your personality to shine.  For all of the funny ladies I know, I’ve curated my favorite Sunday Funday tops.

  1.  Anything involving wine will always win me over.  Hence #1.  Winos Tank, $32.
Sunday Funday Tank Tops

2.  Champagne is a close second!  Mimosas anyone?  Champagne Please Muscle Tank, $39.

3.  Obvi…  Good Girls Graphic Tee, $90.

4.  OMG I cannot tell you how much I dislike group text feeds!  Group text muscle tee, $28.

5.  Pretty much sums up my Sunday Funday.  Boyfriend Sweatshirt, $58.

6.  This one is how Friday feels!  Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Tee, $54.

7.  I will never be told what to do and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m only half the honey badger than is my kitten.  Don’t tell me what to do tank, $21.75.

8.  I’m sure you don’t, ‘Miss Attitude;’ yes I named my cat Miss Attitude after meeting her for 10 minutes.  No Regrets Tank, $32.

9.   I am not sure why I hate pants so much.  I just do.  Pantalones Tank, $32.

10.  I have seen my resting bitch face actually scare people and I’m like, “What just happened?  Oh yeah. #rbf.”  Resting Bitch Face Grey Shirt, $21.

May your Sunday Funday’s be worth the Moody Mondays!


Kate Thakkar

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