What’s up with beauty blenders? Do they work? Are they worth it?

So what’s the deal with beauty blenders?  I have a million brushes, why do I need a beauty blender too?  Let’s check out the difference between my regular blending brush and the beauty blender.

I spent about the same amount of time and yielded much better results with my new pink fluffy miracle.  Beauty blenders get the thumbs up from this blogger.  I’ll be collecting them from now on.  I used a cheaper blending sponge in the video, I’ll have to give the Original Beauty Blender, $20 a try and see if there is a notable difference.

Beauty Blenders, are they worth it?
Notice the unblended areas left over on the photo on the left.

Products used:

Air Brush Sponge, $12

Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Setting Powder, $35

Smashbox Bronze Lights, $34 (contouring powder) 

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder, $46

Are beauty blenders worth it? Check out my experiment.

All finished with both sides blended.

Are Beauty Blenders Worth It?

I practiced for you yesterday.  Same results, no messy hair distraction.

What beauty product have you discovered lately?  These little fluffy guys are a game changer.  Why was I too stubborn to try them?!


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