Which Baby Carrier is the Best for Baby Wearing?

Baby wearing is wildly popular and these days moms can do almost anything with the right baby carrier.  New mothers can baby-wear during fitness classes (at Modern Milk for my local mamas), during home work-outs, house cleaning, raising other little ones, the possibilities are endless and so are the baby carrier options. Baby carriers come in all shapes and sizes from structured carriers to unstructured wraps and offer a variety of carrying positions.  It’s no wonder new moms have a hard time choosing the right baby carrier. Several moms told me they went through a few carriers before finding the one they love.

LILLEbaby offered me a carrier in exchange for my honest review.  LILLEbaby offers several different carriers.  After visiting the compare carriers list multiple times and speaking with other moms, I decided on the LILLEbaby All Seasons carrier.  The All Seasons carrier checked all the boxes for me and I feel like I get more out of this baby carrier than any other carrier on the market.

Which Baby Carriers are the Best for Baby Wearing
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Why I Chose the All Seasons Baby Carrier by LILLEbaby

6 Ergonomic Carrying Positions

6 ways to carry baby means I don’t have to worry about baby Linc’s evolving preferences.  I can also change the position based on his growth and what’s most comfortable for me at that time.  The All Seasons baby carrier holds children from 7-45 lbs.

Which Baby Carriers are the Best for Baby Wearing

Fetal and Infant are the only positions we’ve used at this point because my peanut is still so small.  In those positions, the buckles on the side adjust for nursing while in the carrier.  I’m not sure Linc and I are talented enough to nurse while in the carrier, but I would love to know how!  I also have plenty of lumbar support from the pads.  After my C-section, the extra support was nice and as he gets bigger, I’m sure it will continue to make a difference.  The shoulders are nicely padded for comfort as well.

Which Baby Carrier is the Best for Baby-Wearing
Fetal Position
Infant position. Notice that his knees are slightly above his hips, which is correct positioning for his hips.

Hip Healthy Product

Proper positioning is essential for proper growth and development of baby’s hip joints.  Finding a carrier that supports proper development was very important. The All Seasons Baby Carrier is considered a Hip Healthy Product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, so I can rest assured that wearing my baby won’t cause any health concerns in the future.  The more time the baby spends in the carrier, the more at risk they are from developing hip dysplasia if the carrier is not safe or baby is not positioned properly.  I encourage parents to seek assistance if they are unsure of proper positioning techniques.  LILLEbaby offers instructional videos, which I found extremely helpfulLILLEbaby is also available for additional support if needed.

Temperature Controlled Environment

During the holiday season, we end up back in the midwest to visit our families and the temperature is quite different from blazing Arizona Summers.  This is not a problem for the All Seasons baby carrier, we can use it year round, no matter where we travel.  Zip the lining up to stay cozy or unzip to reveal cool, breathable 3-D Mesh.  I mostly keep ours zipped down because little man is a space heater.

Outer lining zips down for warmer days.
The flaps rolls down and snaps in place to keep it out of the way during Summer months. This is how we usually keep ours in Arizona.

Protection from the Elements

All Seasons baby carrier comes with a hood for privacy and protection from the elements.  Mostly, I use it to protect Linc from the sun.  I like that it provides privacy for nursing, but I don’t know that we’re ready for that yet.  Although, I have used it for his privacy, simply to keep gawkers and overly excited strangers away.

Hood is nice for sleeping babies to keep out sun and unwanted attention.


You know “stylish” had to make my list.  In every way possible, I try to keep from feeling like I’m throwing in the towel and accepting “mom-style.”  I’m redefining what is “mom-style.”  There’s no reason baby products can’t be comfortable and fashionable.  I may be stuck between the sizes of “chic maternity clothes” and “yoga pants“, but I do it with grace.  On an average day, workout clothes and baby wearing could look frumpy, but not when I step out in my favorite yoga pants or nursing tank dress (pictured) paired with cute shoes and my All Season’s Carrier.  With all the designs and styles to choose from, LILLEbaby has a carrier that will fit your “mom style.”

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