Amara Resort and Spa, Sedona, AZ

Last weekend we stayed at Amara Resort and Spa in Sedona, Arizona.

Amara has by far one of the best pools I’ve ever seen.

Amara Resort and Spa, Sedona, AZ |

Sedona is also home to some of the best sunsets on earth!Amara Resort and Spa, Sedona, AZ |  Amara Resort and Spa, Sedona, AZ | TheLuxicon.coAmara Resort and Spa, Sedona, AZ |

Natural Beauty.

Sedona, AZ | Sedona, Az |

Breakfast Creekside at L’Auberge:

Sedona, Az |

Until next time Sedona, my love!

Sedona, Az |


Kate Thakkar

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Oh my god, you got that shirt from the Song Sisters’ clothing line!


Yes I did! I read that they choose all of the fabrics and fit test everything themselves, so I wanted to try it. This shirt is super comfy and it fits great. I photo’d it backward for the effect. I was very impressed with it and I will continue to purchase from the Songsters.


This is beautiful!!


Thank you Taylor! Sedona is one of our favorite places to visit.


Lovely Sedona.


Thank you roamingpursuits! Sedona is a favorite spot of mine. No filters necessary!

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