All Grey All Day

I’m loving my new grey hair so much, that I planned my whole outfit around it.  It may be silly, but I feel like a silver fox.

Recently, I posted about how popular the silver hair trend has become and how I’m so jealous of women who have the courage to rock crazy hair colors.  I started thinking; why not?  I’ve never done anything like this.  It’s always been blonde (natural) or red, which also looks pretty natural on my freckled sun kissed skin.

Grey All Day | The Luxicon

Grey hair requires a ton of maintenance, but it’s oh so worth it.  For the first time in my life, I have women complimenting my hair and asking where I had it done.

All Grey All Day | The Luxicon

The monotone outfit, mirroring my hair with just a pop of color in my lips makes them pop.  Helmut Lang Method Printed Skirt, $79 (originally $240).  Paired with a stretch knit tank top.  I chose the top because it tucks in nicely and shows off the high waist.

Grey All Day | The Luxicon

The high waist adds so much length to my legs.  If I untuck the shirt, I lose a lot of height due to the proportions.  When I wear flats, I try my best to look tall.  I’m 5’1″ and while I’m ok with that and being short is just fine, I feel like the tricks make me look like I’m in better shape and compliment my legs.  My Vince Flats, $195, go everywhere with me or rather I can go anywhere in them.

Grey All Day | The Luxicon

The jacket gives me more of an hourglass shape through color blocking.  It’s a great trick for trimming your figure, but I just couldn’t do it for the whole shoot.  Arizona is really heating up these days.

Grey All Day | The Luxicon

Rings from Anarchy Street.  Style yourself in the latest trendy jewelry with Anarchy Street.  The Song sisters bring new jewelry to you monthly and they are always on top of, if not setting trends on Instagram.  Use offer code Kate_T20 for 20% off your purchases.

Grey All Day | The Luxicon

The always and forever cuff, Anarchy Street, is a dainty little piece, perfect alone or layered.  I own it in silver and gold tones.

Of course if you don’t want to shop regularly to stay on top of the latest Instagram jewelry stacking and layering trends, you can always go with a subscription service like Rocks Box.  I’ve been using it lately and I have to say, the personal stylist is right on point with what she picks for me.  The detailed survey combined with ratings of the pieces that come in your personalized box help the stylist to choose pieces that are just right for you.  I’ve loved every piece I’ve received.  Rocksbox has allowed me to give you one month free to try it out with offer code: THELUXICONXOXO.

Grey All Day | The Luxicon

Grey hair might be different and a little too unexpected for most, but does your hair make you feel this great?  If you’ve been thinking of making a change, there are definitely things you should consider.  I’ll be sharing this and more on Monday, so be sure to tune in.


Kate Thakkar

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