Hi, I’m Kate


I’m a nurse by trade.  Yes, that’s right, I’m a hold your hand, clean your wound, do CPR, lift patients, hard working, selfless kind of nurse.  I’ve gained a lot of life experiences doing nursing in some pretty rough areas of town.  I love taking care of people and I actually enjoyed chemistry class.

I also make some of my own clothes and have been doing so for 10+ years.  After moving to Arizona, I began exploring my love for fashion and I developed my own unique sense of style.  I enjoyed expressing myself so much through clothing, that I decided to take courses in illustration, pattern design, draping, and sewing.  I figured, if I can’t buy everything, I might try getting better at making the things I want.

One class here and there turned in to full-time school.  Summer 2015, I interned with a local designer, Joy Li.  I performed a wide array of tasks including, pattern drafting, sample making, merchandising, styling, retail sales, and many others.  More than anything, interning solidified my desire to continue working in fashion.

I believe clothes are a way to show the world who you are at a glance.  When you take a moment at the beginning of your day to set the tone and choose how people will perceive you, you end up feeling the way you dress.

The Luxicon is my outlet for sharing my fashion sense, beauty tips and fun lifestyle articles with modern women just like yourself.  Helping women express themselves confidently through clothing is incredibly rewarding.  I love taking my friends shopping and leaving the store knowing she had a great time trying on clothes, learning what works and taking risks (let’s be honest, when you don’t have direction, it’s pretty frustrating).  The Luxicon is my way of taking you shopping.

How to Find Me

Hopefully you’re never in a situation where I take care of you in the hospital.  Meet me online in my fashion world.

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If You’re New Here:

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Have fun!  Feel free to send any questions or comments my way.

From my closet to yours.