Holiday Gift Guide for Him: 19 Gifts He’ll Love

Men are challenging to shop for, but I’ve simplified it for you. 19 gifts for him that he’ll surely love; perfect gifts for all the men in your life. My husband has several of these gifts and would definitely enjoy them all. Spoiler: 12, 15, 17 and 19 on this gift guide are items he uses regularly and can’t get enough of.

The Good Hurt Fuego: Sampler Pack of 7 Different Hot Sauces Inspired by Exotic Flavors and Peppers from Around the World Cut in Half: The Hidden World Inside Everyday Objects Etip Salty Dog Knit Tech Gloves JACK BLACK The Kissable Beard MINNETONKA Genuine Shearling Lined Leather Slipper Classic Argyle Butter Socks HODOR Door Stop NEST Learning Third Generation Thermostat Ring Video Doorbell 2 Whiskey Freeze Cooling Cups Survey Leather Blazer ALLSAINTS Chrome Monogrammed Safety Razor and Brush Mezlan Gables Genuine Crocodile Monk Strap Shoe Bose Black SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones Hook + ALBERT Leather Garment Weekender Bag Bottega Veneta Nappa Bifold Wallet Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Fragrance Carry-On Cocktail Kit Moscow Mule Patagonia Better Sweater Full Zip

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Holiday Gift Guide: 14 Gifts Under $100

Gifting made easy. Holiday gifts under $100 that will send the right message to your loved ones. She’ll be oh so impressed with your thoughtfulness.  Would it be bad if I bought everything on my Holiday Gift Guide for myself?

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $100

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How to Shop Last Chance and What to Buy

Last Chance is the dumping ground for all things returned to Nordstrom and Norstrom floor samples.  Nordstrom has an amazing return policy, but have you ever thought about what Nordstrom does with all those returned goods.  It never crossed my mind until I moved to Scottsdale, AZ and EVERYONE told me I had to go to Last Chance and look for discounted designer shoes.  My husband and I were all in, how bad could it be?  My friends scored Prada and Valentino shoes for $90 instead of the whopping $700-ish that they cost.

Discounted Designer Shoes... Prada, Valentino, Balenciaga, Vince Sigerson Morrison, Jimmy Choo... for under $200
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Outfit Roundup: What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

This Instagram Outfit Roundup is overdue.  I’ve done a lot of “momming” lately and instead of going with the yoga-pant-drooled-on-food-in-my-hair-look that is so easy, I’ve made an effort to look put together.  Looking put together is not as hard as it seems.  Just a few small habits have me feeling like “me” again.  It’s important to feel like myself because it’s easy to get lost in my mom role and forget what I used to love.

I used to love getting dressed in the morning, planning an outfit for every day of the week and putting on my makeup.  Priorities have changed and getting all of these things accomplished on the same day is a genuine accomplishment.  I definitely do dip into the yoga pant section of my closet more often than I would like, but that’s what they’re there for right?  Certainly not for doing yoga every day.

Shop my latest looks. Get inspired!
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I could do an entire post on all of the best yoga pants, but I’d like to take a minute and show you the section of my wardrobe that makes me feel like my best self.  If you enjoy those more candid moments and family posts, I do them daily in my Instagram stories, so check it out.

Instagram Outfit Roundup

Instagram outfit roundup. Shop my favorite looks.

These See by Chloe pants have a really heavy hand to them, which always makes me feel like I’m wearing luxury. Isn’t it true that when a garment is well constructed and the fabric is both soft and thick/heavy, it just feels expensive? These pants are a splurge, but they’re also on major sale!

Instagram outfit roundup. Shop my favorite looks.

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Labor Day Weekend Sales Worth Shopping

It’s a Labor Day weekend and that means shopping.  Now that I’m curating my adult wardrobe, I’m more conscious of sale pieces.  Buying things just because it’s super discountedat a Labor Day Sale is not my goal.  I used to do that all the time; buy things just because they were 70% off.

It is.  Designers can definitely afford to give you a 50% off discount and things go on and off sale all the time.  Why am I telling you this when I’m about to share my Labor Day sale picks?  I’m here to help you style your current pieces, curate your wardrobe and feel confidant about your purchases.   Think about what you really need while you’re shopping this weekend.  Don’t get suckered into buying something just because of and impressive markdown.  It’s hard, I know.  Even while I was shopping for this post I found myself getting super excited about the deals.  And they are good deals!

I scouted lots of Labor Day sales to find inexpensive pieces and investment pieces.  Have fun browsing my Labor Day sale picks for you!

Best Labor Day Sales and What to Buy

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Swimsuits for Small Bust: Styling and Shopping Guide

There are a lot of great swimsuits for small bust gals.  Raise up if you were a member of the IBTC in middle school.  Yes, I was and I feel you.  I’ve never been uncomfortable with my bust size until this Summer because: breastfeeding.  I’ve taken what I had to learn to minimize my chest and flipped it to help ladies on the other end of the spectrum.

Love for all the body types!

Shop the best swimsuits for small bust.

Styling Swimsuits for Small Bust:

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6 Ways to Pack Lightly and Still Have Everything

I used to dread packing for vacation every time.  When faced with the task to pack lightly, I would spend hours trying to edit down outfit options.  I used to wear myself out weighing my suitcase over and over.    After packing for too many trips, I’m an expert.

I can fit my entire life into a carry-on if I have to and I can be a little extra sometimes, so you know I need to have all my stuff.

Check out my “How to Pack” blog post if you need help with organizing your bag, so you can fit more (exactly 49 lbs.) in it.  This post focuses on strategizing to pack lightly and still have everything.

Packing tips to get the most out of your carry on.
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If you follow my instagram, you know we went to Cabo last week for a short holiday.  We reached a new level of baby-induced exhaustion and we booked the trip, just the two of us to recharge.  No plans, no excursions, no sight seeing, just us on the beach.  There was no need to go overboard packing, so I pooled all my light packing strategies and my husband was pleasantly surprised by the lack of “stuff” we had to carry-on.

How to Pack Lightly and Still Have Everything You Need

Packing Light Tip 1

Tips on how to pack lightly and still have everything you need.

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Bust Minimizing Swimwear: What to Buy & How to Style

This summer I’ll be breastfeeding through the entire pool season.  Fun for me!  I’ve been on the hunt for bust minimizing swimwear.  The challenge of being supported and looking stylish/appropriate is real.  I have a new appreciation for bust minimizing swimwear.  Not only is it harder to find swimwear for bigger bust sizes, it’s not easy to tell what is flattering.  Most swimsuits tend to draw attention to the bust, lack support or pad the girls and push them up my nose.

While it’s probably true that there are more options for smaller chested women, I found lots of options this year and I nailed down the styles that are most flattering.

Wouldn’t shopping be so much more enjoyable if everything you tried looked amazing on you?

Tips for Shopping Bust Minimizing Swimsuits:

  • Avoid details that add volume like flounces and ruffles up top.  I thought the flounce would kind of hide them because it’s a layer of fabric that drapes over, usually, a bandeau top.  I was wrong.  The added volume makes my chest look much bigger- like uncomfortably bigger.
  • Solid colors on top will draw attention away.  To downplay the bust, use patterns and prints on the bottom or at the waist.
  • As a rule, smaller prints are more flattering than larger prints.
  • Brighter colors tend to draw more attention, so they are better placed on the sides or bottom of the swimsuit.
  • Swimsuits with string ties and keyhole details generally don’t provide enough support.
  • Sporty tops are a good go-to for comfort and style.
  • Bikinis: look for solid tops with bottoms that have strappy details, design features like belts and patterns.  Belted suits are a big trend this year and I’m a huge fan.
  • One piece: look for prints, belts and embellishments on the lower half.
Bust Minimizing Swimwear Styling Tips
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Where to Find Large Bust Swimsuits:

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Flattering Swimsuits for Big Hips

Flattering swimsuits for big hips may seem like an oxymoron; how can something so skimpy make hips appear smaller??  There are some key guidelines that make a big difference in appearance.  It’s possible, trust me.

Shopping Tips: Flattering Swimsuits for Big Hips:

  • Use prints, patterns and design features on the swimsuit top to draw attention up.  Solid colors on the bottom of the suit (one piece or two) will minimize the lower half.
  • If you’re more pale, shop darker striking solid colors like: navy, jewel tones, oxblood.  If you’re tan or darker skinned, go for brighter colors.
  • Boy shorts make the hips look wider, no matter what your shape.  If you’re looking to elongate the legs and minimize hips, choose a higher cut bottom rather than a boy cut.
  • Halter tops and triangle cut tops will draw the eye up and narrow the upper body, whereas bandeau tops widen the bust.  You may want to widen the bust for balance depending on your shape.
  • If you have a smaller figure, smaller prints will work, but if you have a larger figure, the small prints work against you, so rock the larger patterns.
  • Shape-wear can also be very beneficial toward hiding problem areas.
Guide to shopping flattering swimwear for big hips
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Here!

I’m basically freaking out right now. Have you started your Nsale shopping yet? I love this sale so much because it’s a preseason sale, so all my fall favorites are on sale and prices go back up on August 5th.  If you’re looking for clothes you can wear now, see the “Wear it Now” sections below, where I scouted Summer-like styles on sale.  I went at it very strategically this year because I’m still in a bit of a weird place with my post preggo “mom bod.”  Don’t worry, I may not have stocked up on designer jeans, but I found you the best buys. All the goodies sell out fast and I mean fast. Stuff I saw yesterday is sold out already. It’s still early access for Nordstrom Card Holders until July 19. General public access starts July 20th and goes through August 5th. Prices go up on August 5th, but don’t wait! I recommend buying the things you like in two sizes and returning the one that doesn’t work. If you really like it, you may not get it in your size if you need to exchange.

If you like something below, check it out because there are lots of colors to chose from, but I can only show you the main images.

Nordstrom Anniversary Buying Guide
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What I Bought:

See what colors I bought in the captions.

All the Shoes:

Shoes Under $100:

Splurge Worthy Coats and Sweaters:

Sweaters and Coats under $100


Best of Basics:

Wear It Now:

What did you buy this year?  Comment below!