How to Install Clip-In Hair Extensions: It’s Easier than You’d Think

Ever wondered about clip-in hair extensions?  I did, but I didn’t know the first thing about extensions.  I figured it was probably pretty complicated and expensive, plus I don’t have time for that.  I could not have been more wrong.  They’re so easy!  I definitely should have tried clip in hair extensions sooner.

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I tried tape in extensions a while back and it was not a great experience for me, if you’re thinking about trying a more permanent type of extension, you should definitely read about my personal experience with tape-in hair extensions..

Clip-in hair extensions have proven to be a much better option for me because they aren’t permanent or damaging to my already fried hair.  Clip-ins go in and come right back out in the same day, so you don’t have to worry about making a commitment to your hair.  Continue Reading

2018 Blog Content Survey

2018 blog content planning is in full swing here at the Luxicon and I could not be more excited.

I hope you had an amazing holiday season.  I’m starting off 2018 with a blank page and I want to know what you want to see more of!  I write for you and this is the time of year that I like to sit back and take in all of your feedback.  I want to know what you’re looking for when you visit my site.

I would appreciate it so very much if you take a minute (yep that short) to fill out this quick survey I put together.  Your answers help shape the content for 2018 and I’m crazy excited to get started.  I know you’re helping me out, so I want to help you out.  There’s a place to enter your email at the end of the survey and one lucky participant is going to receive a $25 Starbucks gift card.

Take the survey here.

Cheers to a new year and new adventures ahead!

How to Style Sweatpants Like a Fashion Blogger

Sweatpants, otherwise known as joggers in the fashion world, have been a trend on the rise for a few years.  Lately, sweatpants/joggers have made a comeback at the gym with the launch of Beyonce’s Ivy Park and the return of 90’s fashion staples like Calvin Kline and Adidas.  We may have thought we left those baggy sweats in the past, but classic silhouettes are back and, some have postulated, are projected to replace the yoga pant.  This blogger doesn’t believe that will happen.  Men and women, alike, love the way women look in yoga pants, so fear not, you don’t have to replace all of your skimpy, not to mention, expensive, Lulu’s.

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Kid Friendly Rugs that are Actually Stylish

Kid friendly rugs were hard to find when I was shopping nursery decor and redecorating our home and what I did find wasn’t cute.  Let’s face it, nothing about “kid friendly” decor screams sexy or sophisticated.

I redecorated our home earlier this year, while I was pregnant.  I knew I would be sharing our space with a little mischief-maker, but I didn’t want our home to look like he ran the place.

Kid friendly rugs were probably the most difficult item to find.  If I liked it, the reviews didn’t support using it in a family space.  One rug that I actually purchased and later returned had reviews that read, “Sheds fibers so badly, it isn’t safe for a baby’s room” and “I tried to spot clean it once and ruined the whole thing.”  I liked the look of it, but I couldn’t keep it for the nursery.

Lorena Canals PR people reached out to me and offered me a rug in return for my review.  Ok sure, I was ready to give up and I was DONE looking for rugs.  The heavy rug I returned had to be lugged by my lovely husband to work and then to a UPS store on his lunch hour, way too much trouble.  I figured I would just keep whatever they sent me and deal with it.  Turns out, Lorena Canals kid friendly rugs are remarkably stylish and legit kid friendly.  I absolutely love mine.

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Which Baby Carrier is the Best for Baby Wearing?

Baby wearing is wildly popular and these days moms can do almost anything with the right baby carrier.  New mothers can baby-wear during fitness classes (at Modern Milk for my local mamas), during home work-outs, house cleaning, raising other little ones, the possibilities are endless and so are the baby carrier options. Baby carriers come in all shapes and sizes from structured carriers to unstructured wraps and offer a variety of carrying positions.  It’s no wonder new moms have a hard time choosing the right baby carrier. Several moms told me they went through a few carriers before finding the one they love.

LILLEbaby offered me a carrier in exchange for my honest review.  LILLEbaby offers several different carriers.  After visiting the compare carriers list multiple times and speaking with other moms, I decided on the LILLEbaby All Seasons carrier.  The All Seasons carrier checked all the boxes for me and I feel like I get more out of this baby carrier than any other carrier on the market.

Which Baby Carriers are the Best for Baby Wearing
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Why I Chose the All Seasons Baby Carrier by LILLEbaby

6 Ergonomic Carrying Positions

6 ways to carry baby means I don’t have to worry about baby Linc’s evolving preferences.  I can also change the position based on his growth and what’s most comfortable for me at that time.  The All Seasons baby carrier holds children from 7-45 lbs.

Which Baby Carriers are the Best for Baby Wearing Continue Reading

Black Friday 2017 Is Here and I’m Freaking Out RN: Shop My Picks

Black Friday at NORDSTROM! Extra 20% OFF selected sale items. FREE shipping. FREE returns.

Black Friday is here and I’m freaking out rn.  I can’t handle all the great deals.   Nordstrom has to be one of my favorite places to shop.  Remember to choose your 10x points day before you do all your holiday shopping.  Check out my favorite picks below and be sure to comment what your picks are!  I can’t wait to get out and go shopping this year.

Nordstrom Black Friday Women’s Clothing Picks

Flare sleeves are back in again. Scoop these up while they’re on sale!

Boyfriend shirts are a go-to staple for me. I love the pocket shadow detail.

Rails shirts are my favorite casual shirts. They are so incredibly soft, but a bit pricy, so sales are the perfect time to stock up.

I’m obsessed with cardigans this year. Black Friday is the perfect occasion to refresh this closet staple.

Wax jeans are my absolute favorite. Dress them up with heels and a blouse or let them shine with sneakers and a tee. Continue Reading

DockATot Review: How Our Family Sleeps Sucessfully

I waited 7 weeks before writing my DockATot review because I wasn’t entirely sure if I needed a baby lounger.  I’ve seen docked tots snoozing all over Instagram and it seems every mommy blogger I follow has one.  Prior to having our baby I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about.  I considered the DockATot a “nice to have,” rather than a “must have” product.  Still, everyone raves about them, so when I was gifted the DockATot Deluxe to try out in exchange for my review, I gave it a fair shot for an honest and complete review.

What the Fuss?

The Swedish designed lounger is hand-made in Europe, wildly popular across the pond and has a fast growing tribe of tots in the US.  DocATot baby loungers create an environment similar to the womb.  The bumpers around the edge cradle baby just like mom.  Besides being a snuggly, cozy sleep station, DockATot loungers have lots of uses that make parenting easier.  Having taken advantage of most of them, I can understand why parents love them.

How We Use Our DockATot:

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Baby Linc naps all over the house in his DockATot.  He goes down for naps easily, to which I credit the comfortable mattress.  The mattress is breathable, softer than his crib and bassinet and it’s no wonder he prefers it. Continue Reading

Best Swaddle Blanket for Newborns: The “Smarter Swaddle”

Swaddle blankets were the most received item at our baby shower.  Most of our friends gave an item off the registry and then threw in their favorite swaddle blanket.  Every parent seemed to have a favorite swaddle blanket, so I felt like I had a million of them after our shower.

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We tried all of them within the first few days of bringing home our newborn.  Let me just say that I’ve got mad swaddle skills, but they were no match for my little ninja escape artist.  It didn’t matter the material or size of the blanket, he would find a way out of it and scream at precisely the moment his over-tired parents were able to fall asleep.

Picture this… middle of the second night at home, I hadn’t slept well for five nights forever and was recovering from a c-section, hubby was exhausted from working and being up with baby and our post-circumcised baby was angry, painful and refusing to stay in every swaddle we tried.  He WOULD NOT sleep.

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Even the dog had enough!

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Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock: Best Mom Hack Ever

The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock, aka, the best mom hack ever, landed on my front porch for free in exchange for my review.  I could not be more thrilled for this opportunity.  After trying it out, I will be gifting these at every future baby shower.  To all my future preggo friends, you’re welcome.

My eldest niece was born 14 years ago and there weren’t a lot of mom hacks, or at least we didn’t have Pinterest to tell us about them.  Taking my niece to the grocery store meant schlepping her bulky, heavy car seat into the store.  There was no good way to tote a tot around a store in a car seat.  Either the car seat went on top of the cart (a safety hazard for car seats slipping, carts tipping and for tip toeing moms), or the car seat went in the cart and groceries went…??  Outings were no easy task, especially post c-section.

Fast forward to the birth of my son a month ago, I was not looking forward to grocery store trips.  Fortunately for me, there was a very clever mama on a mission to solve this shopping dilemma.  Lisa Pinnell created the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock after sharing the same shopping struggles.

Best Mom Hack Ever: shopping with baby made easy.
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Binxy Baby: AKA Best Mom Hack Ever

The shopping cart hammock holds babies up to 6-8 months of age (until they are able to sit up on their own).  At a whopping 7 pounds, in the photo below, my little guy loves it!  He is strapped in to the harness and enjoying the sites around the store from the best seat in the house.  Binxy Baby isn’t just convenient, it’s safe and it’s been tested for all current safety standards.

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How to Style Fall Layers: Proportions are Everything

Knowing how to style Fall layers is the difference between looking homeless and looking chic. 

  The slightest tweak to proportion makes the biggest difference.

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How to Style Fall Layers:

One trick I use when I style Fall layers is to make sure none of the layers start and end at the same point.  For example, if you want to pair your favorite long cardigan with a cute pair of boots, they shouldn’t touch at exactly the same point.  If they both meet at the knee, go for a shorter or taller boot, so they don’t create a line clean across the body.  You’ll add length and dimension by separating the two.

Take a look at this old picture of me wearing two very different boot styles.

These knee high boots by Vince on the left are my favorite Fall boots, but they just don’t work with this cardigan.  If I wanted to make them work, I could slip into some black pants.  The black pant wouldn’t contrast the boot and they would highlight the jacket for an overall lengthening affect.  The Jimmy Choo biker boots on the right are an improvement overall, but with as short as I am, a bootie or mule would have worked better than both of these shoes.  It’s incredible how much proportions affect the look. Continue Reading